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Command & Conquer Classics

To celebrate the launches of a couple of recent Command & Conquer games, EA has made available free download versions of the original RTS classics.

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Ready for a new kind of space simulation? Check out the free full game Transcendence by George Moromisato aka neurohack.

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Rounding out a selection of reworks of classic PC games is FreeCiv, a free clone of the classic Sid Meier Civilization games.

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Many old-school PC gamers will remember the classic 4X space strategy game Master of Orion. Now, you can relive the joy with a free "spiritual successor" that works on modern machines.

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Check out a recreated, updated version of the classic Chris Taylor strategy game Total Annihilation - now made to work on all modern PCs.

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Ever feel the need to play those old-school sim games like Transport Tycoon? No? Well you should - and a free clone called OpenTTD is here to help.

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Top-down games like Geometry Wars are pretty popular right now, but how do you expand the scope of these games without dragging them down into a million other genres? David W Wilson as some ideas, and he made a game called drone to back them up.

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Run Jesus Run! a.k.a. The 10 Second Gospel

Can you fulfill the prophecies in 10 seconds? Run Jesus Run challenges you to become the world's quickest son of God ever seen.

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Quake Live

Relive the classic first person shooter, Quake 3 Arena, in a free, browser-based package!

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It takes a damn good Flash game to get onto AtomicGamer's Free Games list. Well, Continuity is one of them.

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Digital: A Love Story

Retro games don't often get this involved or interesting. Digital: A Love Story brings you back to the 80s in a very unique way.

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The Spirit Engine 2

The Spirit Engine 2 is a free action-RPG that has you taking on enemies in a story that's a lot more involved than you might expect from a free game.

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