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New Batman Arkham Game On the Way

By Jeff Buckland, 2/12/2013 8:43 AM

Last week, a Warner Bros. investor call revealed that a third Batman Arkham game is being made and might be released in 2013, but no one apparently noticed until today. The rumor is that Rocksteady, creator of both games so far, might not be making this third title. If that's true, then add them to the pile of developers who are being very quiet right now about the next-gen games they're working on. But since they've done so well with Batman so far, I hope that at the very least, whatever Rocksteady is making is based on some kind of comic book property - and if it's Batman, great.


2/18/2013 03:49:07 AM
Posted by rebelone41
Another batman! Another GOTY!
This game is going to be so epic!

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