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Bungie's Destiny Unveiled

By Jeff Buckland, 2/17/2013 1:15 PM

Today Bungie took the wraps off of Destiny, their new IP that doesn't fall far from the tree they grew of sci-fi first person shooters. This new game will be always connected to the internet and will expand the basic functionality of the game through that.

Ok, I know what you're thinking. This is Diablo III all over again. This is the worst game ever because it requires an internet connection.

Stop thinking that.

First, this game was just announced. It has nothing to do with Halo. There will be another Halo, made by some pretty damn competent guys, and it will probably work offline. I understand why some people won't play this game, but there's no reason to get angry any more than you get angry every time you hear of any new online-only game.

Second, how long will this last? If you're frustrated because this game requires an internet connection, then what about their next game? Or the one after that? Is Bungie ever allowed to make an online game, or is it that because they've been making offline games for the last 15 years, or that they still want to have solo play in this one (despite it still requiring online connectivity for other features), that this is a travesty?

Is internet access difficult to get where you live? Do you travel so often that you must play your vidyas from the airport or a hotel without internet access constantly, and somehow can't find a free wifi connection or something? (Because if so, I've got a suggestion: play a game that doesn't require online play during that time.)

Apologies, but nearly all I'm hearing in complaints about this game is pushback because it dares to use the internet in a way that wasn't defined back in 1999.


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