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Is Dead Space Done?

By Jeff Buckland, 3/5/2013 7:59 AM has a rumor up that while Visceral Games was very early in pre-production on Dead Space 4, EA has put a stop to it due to poor sales of Dead Space 3.

It might not be true, and at the very least EA might just be giving the franchise a break, but I think that if this is true, it just shows that EA has a problem making games that aren't many-millions sellers. They seem to only excel at the highest tier of AAA development and can't help but invest tens of millions of dollars into their games, and if a game can't recoup that massive outlay of cash, that's the end. It's unfortunate, because if EA could rein in some of their costs on some games, they could be making some great stuff at lower costs (and lower required sales) compared to the very top tier of game development right now.


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