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Eidos Montreal Presents: Thief 4

By Jeff Buckland, 3/5/2013 2:58 PM has the story about their big cover feature of their print mag: Eidos Montreal, developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, are working on Thief 4. (This NeoGAF thread has details gleaned from the magazine article.)

What you may not know is that Thief 4 was actually announced years ago, but we saw no more than a very lazily-made logo, essentially an affirmation that Eidos knows there are still Thief fans out there and that they weren't forgotten. Thief 4 is set for a 2014 release on PC, PS4, and the next gen Xbox. Here's my question: is this the team that made DX:HR, or is this a separate team, leaving the other one free to have been working on a new Deus Ex over the last 18ish months?


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