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The 7th Guest Part 3 Is Inexplicably On the Way

By Jeff Buckland, 3/7/2013 3:13 AM

The 7th Guest was one of those puzzle games back from the Myst era, but its big draw was that it came on CD-ROM - very new stuff at the time - and it had seamless, animated transitions between its computer-generated locations all around this haunted mansion. Puzzles were animated in the same way, with big-budget work all around. (It was worse than Myst, but what a spectacle it was.) A sequel called The 11th Hour was released with little fanfare and fewer sales, ending the series. Now, twenty years later, a third game is inexplicably getting made, Polygon reports. Some of the original team has been re-assembled, and a Kickstarter is planned next month. I'm not terribly hopeful for this one, honestly.


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