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Nintendo Blocks Smash Bros Streaming from EVO [Updated]

By Jeff Buckland, 7/9/2013 6:18 PM

It was bad enough that Nintendo started using its copyright muscle to take Let's Play video makers' YouTube money away from them - literally taking lunch money from their own fans in some cases - but today they really kicked fans in the jimmy. Fans raised nearly $100,000 for charity to make Super Smash Bros. Melee (the decade-old GameCube game, not even the latest one) the 8th main tournament game at the world's biggest yearly fighting game tournament, EVO. And Nintendo just informed the tournament organizers that they can't stream it, only 3 days from the event. As a result, the event schedule has changed to give more stream time to Persona 4 Arena and King of Fighters XIII. I'm sure that some fans of those two games will be happy to hear more tourney spots for their favorite games will be shown, I doubt they're really happy how it happened.

Update: Nintendo has relented and the Smash streams will go on. What even got them to the point of saying no in the first place, along with their previous overzealous protection of their property at the cost of fan promotion, shows that Nintendo still has a real problem with understanding their fanbase and that this might not be the last we hear of such issues.

Ok, turns out that I've got nothing. There were likely to be upwards of 100,000 people watching Melee get streamed, and now Nintendo has shut that down without any good reason that we can see, except maybe some idiot in a suit thinking that if he can't figure out how to monetize it for his own company's profit, he'll just sic the lawyers on anyone trying to make a big exhibition out of "his" game and shut it down entirely.

But who? Some mid-level monkey at Nintendo of America? Across the Pacific at Nintendo of Japan? Either way, Nintendo's been making a ridiculous number of mistakes over the last year or two, and this seemingly purposeful self-harm with regard to spitting in their fans' own faces is not going to last long. We're talking about decades of a company's beloved legacy built on some of gaming's most memorable and lovable characters just getting wiped away with a few letters and copyright claims.

What makes this even worse is that EVO doesn't really care about Smash Bros. The fighting game community at large generally regards Smash players with derision - as children, as people who can't play "real" fighting games so they play the one with characters from their childhood. And this was Smash's biggest chance ever to gain true recognition, and it was entirely funded by the community.

Nintendo: seriously. Don't be stupid about this. Even if your motivation behind these decisions resulted from some misguided intention to somehow turn this into a significant revenue stream for yourselves in the future, you won't actually have a future at the rate you're currently burning through good will.


7/23/2013 10:13:02 AM
Posted by hljones
The problem with Nintendo is that they're living in the past. Take a look at the Nintendo Store - 5 for a SNES game? I've paid for Mario All-Stars twice already; once when it came out on the SNES, and again when it was re-badged as the 25th Anniversary edition on the Wii (which was simply Mario AS running on a SNES emulator. I was furious, to be honest). They are trying to flog these past heroes again and again and again, desperately squeezing as much as they can from their past titles in preference to creating new ones. Starfox 3DS? I remember that on the N64 first time round. Even Mario Kart 7 is simply a selection of tracks from past Karts. Rather than give the impression that it's a new title, it should be renamed "Mario Kart Memories" or "The Best of Mario Kart".

Why, Nintendo, are you constantly selling me the same thing every time? Are you really out of ideas?

Coupled with the fact that Nintendo is being oppressive with the fans, who are (lets not forget) the only reason Nintendo are in business, it is a sign of desperation. The Wii U has been a quiet train wreck, the 3DS is a gimmick at best, there's not been any real innovation with their in-house titles, and they are still charging top-whack for games that should be public domain by now. I think it is now obvious that Nintendo are fighting for their lives and don't know what else to do.

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