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Polygon's Ben Kuchera isn't buying Battlefield: Hardline

By Jeff Buckland, 6/25/2014 3:26 AM

Ben Kuchera over at has declared that despite a love of the Battlefield games, he won't be buying the upcoming Hardline, and puts together a pretty good case for why you shouldn't be either - including quotes from DICE's Patrick Bach saying that making Battlefield a yearly franchise would suck, that having another studio make it would suck, and EA wouldn't do that. Well, now EA is doing exactly that, so I think it would pretty much stand to reason that what Patrick Bach said will actually come true. Another studio (Visceral Games, coming hot off the failure of Dead Space 3), a year after the release of BF4 (which for some players still doesn't work right), and EA is of course leading with all their usual DLC trickery.

On this matter, you don't even have to listen to Ben, who many will consider suspect as he is a game journalist. Listen to DICE's own Patrick Bach, whose words are coming back to haunt him as this new Battlefield looks like it's pretty much his own nightmare scenario.


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