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Astro A38 Headset Preview
Astro's latest offering really isn't for hardcore gamers. But can we try to make it work for gaming anyway?
An, PC 2/20/2014
Battlefield 4 Preview
Does BF4's online mode have what it takes to satisfy this Bad Company 2 fan? Let's find out.
PC 10/20/2013
Skylanders: Swap Force Preview
The third Skylanders game continues to innovate and build upon the series' roots.
3DS, PS4, X360 9/20/2013
The Elder Scrolls Online Hands-On Preview
TES Online is ambitious, but it's got an uphill battle from here to release.
PC 8/23/2013
Wolfenstein: The New Order Preview
The new Wolfenstein looks good, but is it innovative at all?
PC 8/16/2013
Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Preview
Dishonored's second DLC serves as a sequel to the first, but it maintains the charm of the original game as well.
PC 8/9/2013
Saints Row IV Preview
The Saints go to the White House and then basically to the Matrix in this wacky sequel.
PC 7/3/2013
The Last of Us Preview
Naughty Dog takes a more measured approach in this thoughtful zombie-themed thriller on PS3.
PS3 5/19/2013
Fuse Preview (May 2013)
It's a couple weeks before Fuse is released, and we get one last look at it before launch.
X360 5/16/2013
Company of Heroes 2 Preview
The beta is on, and Company of Heroes 2 is looking even better than before.
PC 4/12/2013
Fuse Preview
Insomniac's multiplatform shooter is coming together nicely.
X360 3/7/2013
Battlefield 3: End Game Preview
End Game's biggest contribution isn't its maps or aircraft. It's the dirt bikes.
PS3 3/4/2013
REvolve Controller Preview
We look at an interesting new design that could bring the couch and PC gaming together in a new way.
Neverwinter Preview
We go hands-on with Cryptic Studios' first Dungeon & Dragons MMORPG.
PC 2/7/2013
SimCity Preview
The beta's limited, but we're seeing vast depth in this revival from Maxis.
PC 1/27/2013
Company of Heroes 2 Preview
Relic brings new tech and features to improve on the already-great CoH formula.
PC 12/10/2012
WWE '13 Preview
The Attitude Era is here!
X360 10/9/2012
Fuse Preview   9/12/2012
Rise of the Triad Preview
No one expected Rise of the Triad to return, but here it is!
PC 8/12/2012
Hotline: Miami Preview
This fever dream of an action game sends you into retro 80s Miami to crack some skulls.
PC 8/7/2012
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