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Privacy Policy

Here at AtomicGamer we are dedicated to making sure your private information stays private. Any time we ask to collect any of this kind of information, we'll link to this Privacy Policy and will adhere to the policy in all cases.

Information That We Collect

You are not required to create an account at AtomicGamer to use the site, but if you do, we'll collect - at the very least - your email address and name. If you would like to sign up for contests, then we can optionally take your mail address. We will never sell, trade, or give this private information (full name, email address, or mail address) to anyone. It's used only for our own internal needs and we won't send you any unsolicited correspondence. Our servers will collect and track basic demographic data such as number of visitors, geographic location, IP address, and the like. None of this information is used to uniquely identify you. It is only used for internal purposes and will never be shared to a third party.


AtomicGamer uses cookies to make the site easier to use for everyone. These small text files are automatically downloaded through your web browser and they allow AtomicGamer to know which sections you have been to recently, the last time you visited so you can see what's new on the site, and the like. Our cookies are never used for advertising purposes and never store or transmit private information. Our cookies will never be used to track your web usage on other web sites. Further, cookies cannot be used to discover your own personal information stored on your computer, so allowing AtomicGamer cookies should - to our knowledge - be completely risk-free and will only make the site work better for you.

Contacting You

We will only contact you via email when you sign up on the site, if there is an administrative problem or issue with AtomicGamer that needs your attention, or if you have entered a contest and we need to communicate about the particulars of a contest. We will never contact you for the purposes of advertising.

Children Under 13

Children under 13 must not submit any personal information to AtomicGamer. The site can be used, but children under 13 are not allowed to sign up or log in.


AtomicGamer displays advertising that leads to third-party sites. AtomicGamer is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices by those sites. It is recommended that you check the privacy policy of third party sites linked from AtomicGamer if there are any doubts.