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Titanfall PC Review
Respawn's efforts impress, but the novelty wears off quickly.
PC 3/15/2014
Xbox One Review
Microsoft made huge missteps, but what matters most - games - is working out well for them.
XONE 1/30/2014
Forza Motorsport 5 Review
Some unfortunate compromises were made that undermine this otherwise excellent racing game.
XONE 1/6/2014
Gran Turismo 6 Review
New features abound in GT6, but old problems fester simultaneously.
PS3 12/20/2013
PlayStation 4 Review
Sony delivers promising hardware but iffy software in the PS4. Luckily, it's easier to fix the latter than the former.
PS4 12/7/2013
Need for Speed Rivals PC Review
Technical limitations and strange choices undermine would could have been a solid arcade racer.
PC 11/24/2013
Call of Duty: Ghosts Review
Infinity Ward finds the minimum they can get away with and comes in just under that with Ghosts.
PC 11/13/2013
Battlefield 4 Review
Average everything good about Battlefield over the years and that's pretty much BF4. Not bad, right?
PC 10/29/2013
The Stanley Parable Review
No game screws with the player quite like Stanley does - and it's immensely enjoyable.
PC 10/27/2013
Skylanders: Swap Force Review
Swap Force adds only a few key things, but just keeping up the energy of the originals is probably enough for most who play this series.
X360 10/13/2013
Urban Trial Freestyle Review
Want a new take on the Redlynx Trials formula? Well, you won't get it here, but UTF is still pretty fun.
PC 10/6/2013
Grand Theft Auto V Review
GTAV raises the bar beyond even what you expected Rockstar to meet.
PS3 9/29/2013
Cognition Episode 4: The Cain Killer Review
This episodic adventure game fizzles out in the final installment.
PC 9/24/2013
Outlast Review
Outlast delivers scares over frustration and atmosphere over tedium. That's a good horror game.
Gone Home Review
One of the most important games I've played in a while doesn't have game-like stuff in it.
PC 8/22/2013
Saints Row IV Review
Volition's best game in many years brings the 3rd Street Saints back with a vengeance.
PC 8/14/2013
Rise of the Triad Review
ROTT is back, and the result is refreshing if a tad frustrating.
PC 7/31/2013
Hotline Miami PS Vita Review
The first port of this instant classic action game to a mobile platform went pretty damn well!
PSV 7/11/2013
AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable Review
AVerMedia charges a lot, but you will know where your money went with the LGP.
PC 6/27/2013
Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review
Capcom's dual-arcade revival packs in great, new features with classic action.
PC 6/24/2013
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