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Who is AtomicGamer?

AtomicGamer is an independently owned and operated gaming site that serves up the latest news, files and articles covering all genres and platforms. We started off way back in January 1997 as TeleFragged and soon after launched our game file site 3DDownloads, but we brought all of it together under the AtomicGamer banner in 2006.

Meet the fine staff of AtomicGamer

Marvin Malkowski, Jr., Founder - Twitter - When he is not training for his next triathlon, Marv maintains the systems for the ever growing AtomicGamer network. A former full-time developer, he always assists in the development of the AtomicGamer framework. Several network sites are run by him also including LiberatedGames, ToyBattle and LinuxGames.

Brian Malkowski, Founder - He said his name was Brian, but we all know him as the Brain. Between his years-long plan of creating the world's biggest M&M, eating Silly Putty and his side job as a valet at a local Motel 6, Brain also enjoys programming in C, C++, C#, D, Java, Scala, Python, PHP. Brain does not enjoy programming in Ruby.

Paul Magyar, Founder - Paul is our business manager and resident gray hair. A serious PC gamer since his addiction to Doom, he now enjoys WoW in addition to the latest new hotness. In his spare time he races his 1995 Subaru Impreza in SCCA Autox StreetMod and NASA Time Trials in TTS.

Jeff Buckland, Editor-in-Chief - Twitter - beyond doing the miscellaneous functions that help keep the site running, Jeff travels often and writes articles covering all the new games that he can get his hands on. He lives in Texas with his wife and four very stupid but lovable pets, and is an avid fan of movies, games, music, and just about everything related to pop culture.